Thursday, November 21, 2013

Waiting waiting waiting

I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted. I've been very busy trying to KEEP myself busy. Chris has reenlisted for us to move to Germany. I thought I would be overly excited to go but now I'm scared. I am scared to death to stop dead  in the tracks of the progress we've made over the past two years and start from scratch. I'm scared to be in another country away from our family. Honestly deep down I'm scared to death of such a huge change. We have worked out a possible plan of me staying behind for awhile due to other things going on. I would get a job, continue IVF (freezing his sperm before he leaves), and be near friends and family. Then myself and the dogs......and praying for baby(ies) to join him in Germany. It's quite alot to take in!

I have decided that through my passion of nail polish, I want to start making my own. I cannot claim this as a business venture yet as I clearly have no idea what I'm doing. But I have one special type of polish that I love and it's very hard to get. So I figure why not be thrifty and make my own. If I make money in the long run that's cool but I just reallllly want certain types of polish for myself. Also I have plenty of ladies in my life that wouldn't mind a bottle of polish on their birthdays or holidays! Other than that I've been booming the past few months with Scentsy and of course enjoying the smells in my own home. My father recently fell off of a roof and broke his heel. He's not doing so great as he's not healing right. He has already had surgery and is going to have to go in for a skin graft soon. I talk to him when he's interrupting my mom and I have to fuss at him for not resting! I am convinced he will be the death of me. (lol) I can't wait to get his butt in a chair on the dock and fish all day long. Chris' dad is actually doing quite well right now. He posted a photo the other day on his facebook and I think he's looking younger! Now if he would take it easy and stop finding excuses to go to the hospital to chase nurses that would be great!

Well I know this entry didn't deal with alot of infertility stuff but I think it shows that our lives do still go on. We still have to take care of each other, love with all our hearts, and keep hoping for the best. <3 Soon I promise!