Thursday, October 6, 2011


Well finally yesterday I received my first Peak on my CBFM. So today was ovulation day I guess according to everything I've read. I've been very crampy and my lower back is killing me. Today has been a beyond stressful day for me though. I've been trying to lock down an apartment for us to move into when Chris gets home. And I'm not sure how many more times I can handle hearing no. On top of everything else the cat has been going insane and tempting my dog to chase her lol. I just need a moment to clear my head and smile. I've got to relax and prepare my body, mind, and soul for conception. It's only going to be a couple more weeks till my AF arrives and I will be ready for the big day of bed dancing with that wonderful hubby of mine. I'm sure I would feel a lot better about it if I knew for sure what my address would be at the moment lol. I'm just trying to get an off post apartment and if that doesn't fall into place then we will be living on post. Which is going to be a little costly in the beginning due to the specifications they want me to do for my dogs. Microchipping isn't cheap. :( OH WELL

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