Friday, September 30, 2011

Wonderful News

So today I do the usual routine...wake up, BBT, lay in bed for about 10 mins until Sadie and Shaddix beg to go out to potty, take them out, bathroom for me, OPK stick, and then at 12:45 CBFM. So the OPK barely showed a line...the same thing I've been getting since CD6. BUT the CBFM gave me a high fertility hit. So I'm thinking that this whole time the OPK's and my calender have been lying to me and that could explain the fact that I haven't gotten pregnant. Ya know all except the closed tubes and all. Now that I'm making good progress all I need is my husband to come home.

On a very sad note, a couple of days ago the terrorists found the base where my husband is stationed and bombed it. He was in the helicopter and far away when it happened. But some people weren't so lucky. There were lives lost and people hurt. And tonight I found out that one of his fellow soldiers in a different company passed away. My heart breaks for that family although at the same time I have a little bit of relief that it wasn't my husband. BUT it could have been. I just pray that in this time of sadness they can find peace knowing that their soldier was a hero.

Everyone please say a quick prayer for those lives lost in this war and their families that have to go on with a hole in their hearts. And also pray for the ones that continue this no win war. :(

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