Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Beginning

Our story finds up doing a 4 year catch up. Chris and I were married on October 20th 2007. Since day one we have been trying to have our first child. He's in the Army so that doesn't give us a very good time window to even begin to try. Our first year of marriage was a very rocky one. After about 5 months in things started to take a turn for the worse with us. That continued until he deployed that October. So after one year of being gone he came home again in October of 2009.

Once he got home we started trying to make our dreams for a family come true. And once I finally was able to get my doctor to pay attention to me I was referred to a specialist. From there I had my first HSG and found out the worst news ever, my tubes were completely closed. So for 2 months I waited on him to pull his head out of his butt and do my surgery. So in October of 2010 I went in for surgery and they said that my tubes were opened successfully. Unfortunately Chris was sent our for yet another year long deployment which is FINALLY almost over.

We did get two days to try to get prego right before he deployed. In the midst of him leaving again, and me packing up to move from NY to TN (16 hour drive) with two dogs trapped inside of a giant penske truck, hauling my car behind it, and in the freezing cold. I completely lost track of time and I also assumed that my aunt flo wasn't going to show up on time due to the surgery. I arrive in TN and start unloading the truck and a little chaos breaks out as usual. As I'm trying to control the situation and get things back in order I feel this strange sensation (lucky for me I thought I had started my period and had already put on a pad because I was LIGHTLY spotting) that felt like the most uncomfortable passing of something I've ever felt. I then headed for the rest room and realized I had passed a blood clot the size of I guess an...oreo. For lack of better comparison. It was thick and strange looking. So I can only assume that I had just had a miscarriage. Although I never went to the dr after that because I truly didn't want to know.

Now that deployment is almost over and I've shared with you quite a bit of TMI! I'll share with you the excitement of preparing the wonderful preconception kit that I'm making for when Chris gets home. As of this moment I have enough OPK's to last about 4 months, about 30 internet cheapie Pregnancy Tests, I'm giving softcups a shot, Pre Seed Lube to add that little umph to the swimmers, I'm charting Basil Body Temp, keeping track of my cycles of course, a lot of baby dust, and I'm hoping to add a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor to my collection. I've had 3 psychic readings saying that they see June as my delivery time which means that I would have to get pregnant in October and maybe end up delivering a few weeks early. And one psychic saying that she saw Sept and March in my future although didn't say what year. *facepalm*

And last but not least, I've got a ton of ambition and hope. I've already picked out the things I want for a nursery and all of the other needs for baby. The only thing I'm missing.....


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