Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So Halloween is one of my most favorite days of the year. Normally I would go all out to decorate, have an awesome costume, and take my friends kids trick or treating. Well since my best friend isn't even here right now I decided to be a lump. I'm supposed to be going to my husbands unit BBQ/Halloween party and I find myself sitting here wishing I would just go back to bed. I haven't even went so far as buying candy for the trick or treaters. Not to mention I sold my He's Alive warmer at the fair I did last weekend so I have 0 halloween decorations. Yesterday was a good day for us though...we both pitched together and worked on cleaning the house up some. Hubby did the dirty work and scooped poop out of the back yard. So I think the dogs are pretty happy about that! I cleaned the kitchen, did 2 more loads of laundry, and made a cheese cake that I STILL haven't even tried. It was just a nobake one...which I know is going to suck...BUT I kept the crumbs from it so I'm thinking about whipping out my spring form pan later this week and attempting a REAL cheese cake! Sadie has been very whiny today...currently I think she's feeling my anxiety of all the kids that are going to be around and she's crying at me. I just hope someday I can feel the excitement of dressing up my child and taking them out to trick or treat! I promise that if I could be blessed I would NEVER take any holiday activity for granted! I will go ALLLLLL OUT for each and every holiday so my child can experience the innocent magic brought from the trick or treating, the thanksgiving day parade, decorating the Christmas tree, ringing in the new year, hunting for Easter Eggs, watching the fireworks.....ALLL HOLIDAYS! I won't JUST do the commercial stuff either...I want to teach them the true value of each. I want to teach my child to donate and share...the truth behind the holiday too. The story behind Jesus and how he loved us so much that he died for our sins.

It's funny how the thought of a child in a costume can trigger such hard emotions. I have a feeling I won't be at this party for long. Then I have to hope that no one knocks on my door. 

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