Thursday, November 1, 2012

Later Halloween Night Update

Ok so handing out candy wasn't too bad! I saw some really cute kiddos in their adorable costumes. My friend Amber came over and hung out with me in the driveway while we handed out the noms. And then we went to the Haunted House! There was just the most adorable little girl (5) in line behind us with her parents. She was such a trooper! She didn't start freaking out until we were closer to the door. She was so excited to go through the haunted house so she could go to school and tell her friends she did it. So her mom and I went over to the refreshment stand...on accident at the same buy her some glow sticks. I asked her mom if she would mind be buying her something and she said she wouldn't mind at all. So I picked out this cute little flashing pumpkin bracelet and her mom hooked her up with glow sticks and glow bracelets. On the way out of the haunted house she was kind of in shock and first and then she was proud of herself because she made it through. I really hope someday I can have that with my child. I can't believe how brave she was! It wasn't that scary to me but I'm sure to a 5 year old it's mortifying. OH YEAH! Before all of this happened something went wrong with my screen door and I couldn't get it open. My garage is always locked because I keep the bike in there and the back door was I ended up breaking my screen door from ripping it open. Now I cannot open it at all from the outside. *facepalm* Alright friends it's time to go to bed with the pups. I checked the hubby's account today and found out he's got 9 use/lose leave I'm really really hoping that he will use them soon. We could use the time together!

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