Saturday, November 24, 2012

Over Stuffed

Hello friends out in the internet land! I know I haven't posted in awhile but there hasn't been too much to share. Thanksgiving was sad and good at the same time. It was sad because Chris had to work a 24 hour shift, but it was good that I got to go down to his work and eat with him...and then to Chanings house to eat! It was awesome!!!!! Then I came home and lounged around on the couch and watched a bunch of random television until I was ready to pass out. I went to the heart doctor recently, but it was the worst establishment I've ever seen. The office at first glance reminded you of some back door office where you go to get like prescriptions for illegal stuff? I'm just guessing. And then the equipment was very form the 70's. I was there from 2pm to 5:30pm and still wasn't even finished with the appointment. This appointment should have taken about an hour/hour and a half tops. When I was finally put onto the treadmill to do the stress test...which wasn't even a real stress test...the equipment was so old that the leads were malfunctioning so he kept pressing them hard into my chest...over and over and over again. It was almost traumatizing...if I didn't know how it was really supposed to be.

The back doctor had to reschedule and since I had so much going on, we rescheduled for Dec 19th. Although I'm really hoping that my sister comes through for me and manages to score me plane ticket to SC to spend Christmas with her and the kids. But then again I'm also really hoping that this surgery is going to be successful and we will be blessed with a Christmas Miracle! <3

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