Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BBC New Report

So I want to share with you a news report that caught my eye. This is a big fear for me as I have already worried about my egg supply that I feel is dwindling. I'm not sure what a "LATE" age is to go into menopause but my mother, I feel, went into menopause at a young age. Well as it actually says in the report that early is 45 and below...and late is 55 and up. Well my mother started menopause WELL before 45...and that scares me. I'm sitting here in all my 27 year old glory dreading March where I will turn step closer to 30. Which in my research has suggested that I have already gone through half of my egg supply. Pretty SCARY huh!? Are you feeling the squeeze too?

Here is the article

BBC NEWS-Fertility predicted by mothers age at menopause

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