Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday To Chris

Yesterday was my sweet husbands birthday! I felt really bad that I couldn't afford to buy him the gift he REALLY wanted since it was over $200 and that money just doesn't appear out of thin air. So instead, him being the sweetheart that he is he finally let me buy him his new video game. He also took his old games to trade in, and I sent some of mine to go with him. I have to make this up to him somehow though because we knew the cost of the box set was high (Sully Erna Avalon) but it was supposed to be a combined Anniversary and Birthday gift. :( My anniversary gift FINALLY arrived yesterday too. I absolutely love my new hoodie esp since it's getting cold outside.

We did go out to Olive Garden to eat before seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2! He enjoyed himself at dinner considering he REALLLLLY didn't want to see the movie. But with us living 1 1/2 hours from the theater he didn't have much of a choice. So he napped through parts of the movie but was glued to the edge of his seat near the end. (I'm not giving ANYTHING away about the movie) The ride there and the ride home was amazing b/c a really good friend of ours went with us...and she started asking questions about infertility, my drs appointments, what it's like to go through it. Which  #1 for someone who is from another country this is all new to her and #2 she's never tried for a baby yet. So it was kind of hard to explain at first but I think she understood at my final description. For those of you reading who DO follow Twilight, I believe it was in the 2nd movie when Rosalie confesses to Bella about her not wanting the vampire life for her and she's jealous b/c she is human. She expresses that she didn't want to be a vampire b/c she wanted to be a mother. Then fast forward to movie number 3 and Bella is pregnant with Edwards baby. Rosalie takes over this mother mode...and in this movie you see her playing with Reneesme...and I cried. I felt that was me...stuck in this frozen world feeling like I will never be a mother.

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