Friday, November 9, 2012

I love my doctor!

That's exactly how I feel while writing this blog. I am overwhelmed with true emotion toward my new OB. I cannot believe that after years of fighting, praying, begging, crying, and just plain dealing with doctors that have treated me like I am unimportant...I have finally found the right doctor! Yesterday I received a call from my insurance company telling me that my referral was ready. I wasn't sure what she meant...and my OBGYN wrote me a referral to see a new heart specialist. (I also have a heart disease that I was born with) That's true compassion right there to worry about something that isn't even his specialty!!!! I don't think I could be happier! I see the heart dr on the 20th, the back dr on the 21st, and then surgery on the 6th! BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Also while you are here reading you should hop over to Clomid and Cabernet and show here some love as she interviewed me to help get the word out about infertility and the military!

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