Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GOOD NEWS and Promise

Today was my dr's appointment!!!! It went super well, actually better than I had hoped. My new dr is amazing! He's into the facts...he wants all the information...no guesswork. He's showed me more concern about all of my health issues today than I have gotten in 27 years of my life. He was giving me advice on the things I need to know about my heart disease and my back! He was worried about both of those too and instructed me to get them checked out. He also is trying to save me money by going ahead and doing a Lap & Dye instead of just throwing me to the fertility specialist costs. He wants me to be fully educated on all my options...even the hidden ones. He also wants to help me to achieve pregnancy at the lowest cost possible (mental, physical, and financial)

So with that being said I promised myself and God that IF I could get some headway...that I would not whine and complain anymore. And I'm going to hold to that! I actually shocked the dr...he was sitting there explaining to me the risks of surgery...the usual (ya know like 50/50 of waking up, things that could go wrong, ect) and I just sat there with a huge smile on my face. He stops and asks why I'm not concerned about these things...as they are very important to know. I explain to him that I've been put under completely 4 times...you get scared to death the first time, 2nd time you're uneasy, by the 3rd time...YOU GOT THIS! hahah I'm not worried about any of that stuff at all. My only concern is...what if he gets in there...and there is still no valid explanation! BUT we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

I absolutely cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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