Thursday, January 24, 2013

I thought I would pop in and update since it's been awhile. I was contacted yesterday by Tricare that balboa denied my referral. I called them to inquire why and they said they didn't know why, but to put the referral in again. I also inquired how long their waitlist was since they told me one thing and my friend another. They went from telling me 1 1/2 years and her depends on your blood tests where you get put in the 15 months to 2 years! O.o WOWZERS! I've been trying to take a break from the whole infertility journey for a few days so I can de-stress and get back on track mentally. I've spent a few days just hanging out around the house, cooking and cleaning, and playing games online. Just being me!

Chris goes to the promotion board tomorrow and he's sick. I feel horrible for him since he's been on the couch asleep since he got home. I don't want to wake him up since it looks like it's the first real sleep he's gotten in two days. Of course I'm sitting here watching Friends, as usual. He will be able to reup his contract in March and honestly, I cannot wait for us to PCS to another duty station. We are thinking Fort Campbell now instead of Germany. Although we both would love to go to Germany (it will still be listed) we would like to live closer to home for a little while so we can go see our friends and family more often. I just cannot wait to be able to get a job and work like crazy! I hope I will be able to report better findings soon. But until then...<3 thank you for reading!

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